5 Furnace Efficiency Tips to Help You Save This Winter

Installer explains furnace efficiency tips to homeowner in the basement

5 Furnace Efficiency Tips to Help You Save This Winter

Now that winter is officially here, your furnace will be working non-stop to keep you warm. While that constant use can rack up energy costs quickly, Tom’s Heating Service is here to help you keep them low. Use these helpful furnace efficiency tips to save money this winter—and call us at 262-548-1300 for service.

Efficiency Tip #1 – Schedule Maintenance

Routine heating maintenance is all about making furnace efficiency improvements. Our experts inspect every working part inside your furnace, making sure that nothing is faulty and that the unit itself operates exactly like it’s supposed to. When we’re done, your system will run as efficiently as possible. Not only does this regular service cut down on needed repairs, but the added efficiency can help cut down on energy usage (and costs).

Efficiency Tip #2 – Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is a small part of your home comfort system, but it’s an important one. It’s designed to capture airborne pollutants like dirt and dust as they flow through your house. These filters are effective, but they can also get dirty as they catch more contaminants. If you don’t replace them regularly, they can actually block airflow, putting more stress on your furnace and A/C, and cause unnecessary breakdowns. Fresh filters keep your air clean and healthy and help your HVAC systems operate efficiently.

Efficiency Tip #3 – Leave Your Thermostat Alone

In our cold Wisconsin winters, it’s easy to adjust the thermostat to keep up with the changing temperatures. However, the more you turn the dial, the more energy you may be using. Setting your indoor temps to 68 degrees can help you find a happy medium between comfort and cost.

A smart or programmable thermostat can also help you save by allowing you to set a temperature schedule and monitor your energy usage.

Efficiency Tip #4 – Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Even with an air filter, contaminants can build up inside your ducts, block airflow, and affect your health. By having your ducts professionally cleaned, you can keep your air clean, your family healthy, and your heating and cooling systems operating smoothly.

Efficiency Tip #5 – Turn to the Experts at Carrier® and Tom’s Heating

Looking for more furnace efficiency tips this winter? Tom’s Heating is happy to help. From answering your questions to helping you find the perfect home comfort system, our team is here for you. Call us today at 262-548-1300 or contact us online.

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