Boilers radiate comfort from the ground up

Carrier performance series ultra efficient gas boiler

More and more homeowners are choosing boilers over gas furnaces to heat their homes for the primary reason of more comfort. Did you know that the warmest part of a room with forced air heat is the top third? The warmest part of a room heated by a boiler is the bottom third where you and your family inhabit because the heat radiates from the floor up.

Boilers heat water that is circulated through copper or PEX tubing to generate hydronic radiant heat. The tubing can be fed through large old radiators, modern baseboard heaters, or hidden in walls, ceilings or floors. The most common way of installing in-floor heat is by laying PEX tubing on the floor and pouring concrete over it. Boiler systems are quite complex and can be used in combination with indirect hot water heaters.

Tom’s Heating has invested in extremely knowledgeable boiler technicians on staff who can handle any boiler sale, solution or repair. Along with their expertise in the general operation and installation of boilers, they are also well-versed in the varied attributes that are often part of many boiler systems such as: venting, gas piping, copper lines, valves, bleeding the system of excess air, water quality, expansion tanks, circulating pumps, controls and more.

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