Do You Really Need a Furnace Cleaning? Our Pros Tell All

Furnace repair service from technician

Do You Really Need a Furnace Cleaning? Our Pros Tell All

Walking into a warm home on a cold day is a wonderful feeling. Walking into a chilly house is a concern. To avoid a winter emergency, our pros recommend routine furnace maintenance. Regular cleanings keep your heating system running at its best, lower your risk of a breakdown, and improve efficiency to keep energy costs down. We wouldn’t recommend this service if it wasn’t something we counted on in our own homes.

Furnace Maintenance Makes All the Difference

Your furnace should be inspected and cleaned once a year, no matter its age. Dust, cobwebs, and debris build up in your system over time, lowering its efficiency and safety. This mess can also make its way into your ductwork and the air your family breathes. During a tuneup, our technicians will clean out any buildup, grease necessary parts to keep them moving smoothly, and test and adjust the burner, pilot light, and heat exchanger.

This maintenance also promotes safety. Even minor malfunctions can cause a breakdown that leaves you without heat or with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide venting into your home. Inspections give us a chance to find and fix small problems before they require an expensive repair. Our techs have repaired issues of all sizes. Trust that we can keep your family safe and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’re still on the fence about furnace maintenance, think about it this way: you encourage your loved ones to go to the doctor and dentist to avoid problems and stay healthy. Your furnace also needs a checkup to ensure it keeps running.

Schedule an appointment today to have our experts perform a complete furnace inspection and cleaning. We’re proud to service all furnace types, including those we recommend from Carrier®—count on us to look after your system like it’s our own. And should you experience problems at any point, remember that we are available for emergency service. Just call 262-548-1300.

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