Reasons Why a Ductless System Belongs in Your Home

Toms Heating recommends a ductless system for year-round comfort.

Reasons Why a Ductless System Belongs in Your Home

Adding a ductless system to your home can make all the difference in your year-round comfort. These powerful units eliminate hot and cold spots, bring comfort to rooms that don’t have ductwork, and lower energy bills by maximizing efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about why the Tom’s Heating Service pros recommend these heating and cooling systems so highly.

Comfort Where You Need It, When You Need It

Ductless systems are designed to fit any space and provide heating and cooling service on demand. With a simple installation, you can transform any uncomfortable space into an inviting oasis. We recommend ductless systems for:

  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Sun rooms
  • Screened-in porches
  • Guest rooms
  • Theater rooms
  • Recreation and bonus rooms

Ductless systems are also great for spaces that aren’t used often. You can control when these spaces are heated and cooled, so you don’t waste money.

Easy to Install and Quiet to Use

Ductless systems are simple to install because of their small size and direct connections. They can typically be up and running in a single day. They’re strategically mounted on the wall, placed on the floor, or secured to the ceiling so they can run effectively without taking up much space.

And once these systems are in place, you won’t notice anything but the warm or cool comfort you’ve been missing. Ductless units are whisper quiet and barely make a sound, even when firing up.

Save Energy and Lower Your Monthly Bill

With ductless systems, gone are the days of bumping a thermostat up or down to make a certain area more comfortable. These systems let you set individual temperatures in different rooms without changing how your furnace or air conditioner services the rest of the house. That means you can concentrate your comfort, limit your energy usage, and save money by not overworking your main heating and cooling systems.

Give Ductless a Try—Ask Our Pros for Help

If you’re ready to take control of your comfort and get rid of hot and cold spots, ask our pros if a Carrier® ductless system is right for you. We’ll evaluate your existing home comfort system and let you know if you could benefit from a ductless unit or if your current equipment just needs a cleaning or tuneup. We like to say that average happens by accident and excellence happens on purpose—and you can count on excellent service when you trust the Tom’s Heating pros. Email us or call to schedule an appointment today: 262-548-1300.

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