Why Upgrading to a Wi-Fi Thermostat Is a Smart Idea

A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to control your home comfort via your smartphone or tablet.

Why Upgrading to a Wi-Fi Thermostat Is a Smart Idea

Thermostats have drastically advanced from the 1950s-style round dials that only adjusted temperature. Today, Wi-Fi thermostats from Carrier® allow you to manage and control your comfort with a tap or an app. Take the Carrier® Infinity® control for example—in addition to temperature, this Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat regulates humidity levels, airflow, ventilation, and indoor air quality in up to eight zones, from anywhere in the world when you connect with your smartphone or tablet. Customers who upgrade to Wi-Fi options enjoy smart benefits, including:

  • Lower energy bills—intuitive Wi-Fi thermostats automatically track your energy use and adjust accordingly to maximize your savings. Combined with seven-day programming, you’ll save even more when you only run your heating or cooling system when you need to.
  • Feel more comfortable—smart thermostats communicate with your heating and cooling systems, and automatically adjust to give you precise control over comfort levels. Homeowners are amazed by how much more comfortable they feel when they pair a smart thermostat with systems that regulate humidity, purify the air, and help their heating and cooling systems run more efficiently.
  • Easy to use—an interactive touchscreen and on-screen prompts make this thermostat a breeze to use. Our technicians will walk you through setup and teach you how to properly use your new Wi-Fi control during installation. And if you have questions afterwards, just give us a call—we’re happy to help.
  • One less thing to remember—imagine you left for vacation and forgot to adjust the temperature—no problem. Simply take control from your smartphone or tablet and reset the temp right where you want it.
  • Automatic alerts—receive notifications if your heating or cooling system isn’t maintaining a set temperature. This helps you stay ahead of breakdowns, and you won’t come home to an uncomfortable or “frozen” house.

Using your thermostat, you can also review your five-day forecast to plan ahead, receive reminders to schedule maintenance, and enjoy a 10-year parts limited warranty, for those just-in-case situations. Stop by our showroom today and test a few of our Wi-Fi thermostat options for yourself. At Tom’s Heating, you’ll get answers straight from the pros—or let us recommend a thermostat to keep your comfort on track.

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